My FREE craps betting system, taking different known systems and building them into one. Please test, revise, and comment. Help me make the Iron Crapper a sa… I went so fast I paid myself out of my own stack, and miscounted at the end. Overall, I ended up with approx 75% more than what I […]

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  • Shifa Shawk 3 years ago

    The big problem with this system is that a few 7 or 11 on the come out roll
    can wipe out whatever meager profit was made over hours and hours of play.
    I agree that it is better to bet the don’t pass compared to pass but this
    method is torturous and in the end may not yield any thing.

  • 37rainman 3 years ago

    hey buddy, all u are doing is making such a cluster f**k of bets that it
    confuses even you. “insurance” or “hedging” bets actually do nothing to
    increase your take from the game. (the fact is, they typically LOWER the
    quality of your game, because they generally employ high house edge bets).
    Bets can be examined one at a time to determine their worth — AGAIN,
    combining them doesn’t in some magical way increase their worthiness.

    Rolling dice until one gets 3 sevens is meaningless. Dice rolls are random
    – they don’t relate in any way to each other. One cannot usefully make ANY
    type of decision at a craps table employing info on what happened in the
    past. (It would be entirely as relevant to call a friend in Timbuktu and
    find that he has rolled 3 sevens to base your decision upon.) The fact
    that a seven comes 1 out of 6 on the average doesn’t in any way mean that
    if you roll 3, or 3000 sevens in a row they are somehow urged to be
    something other on later rolls. Dice are not somehow “striving” to give
    mathematically appropriate results — they are inanimate objects, th cant
    “strive” at all. (this is simply another example of “a little knowledge
    being more dangerous then no knowledge at all”).

    It might seem boring, but the best you can do is bet your money on smaller
    line bets with larger odds — on either side — its that simple. Any odds,
    on either side, I the best bet their is, so naturally u will do best
    betting them.

    The very welknown and ancient saying that: “no betting strategy at a game
    of chance works” , is of course, entirely true.

  • Rich Pope 3 years ago

    In many cases, you’re losing a bet in order to win a bet. You’ll never
    make any serious money doing that. You’re right, the Dont’s have slightly
    better odds, but there is a better way to play them.

  • Rich Pope 3 years ago

    Also, each roll is independent of all previous rolls. The dice have no
    memory, the odds never lie. Play Craps with each bet yielding the smallest
    edge to the casino and you’ll be playing the smart way. Casinos won’t like
    how you play, but they will respect you.

  • 37rainman 3 years ago

    demoing how terrible the elementary schools are doing nowadays….

  • The Baws 3 years ago

    One variation you could do on the comeout roll only is do a $51 no 4 or no
    10. If you hit the 7 on the comeout you get back $25. If the 4 does come
    out, you can go ahead leave it because now you are getting even money for a
    7. You can also lay on the DP

  • jasonmarke 3 years ago

    Unfortunately , at the casino there is a rubber wall with spikes that
    tumbles the dice for a higher chance of hitting a 7 than the wood wall you
    are using, In reality at the casinos i play at the 7 comes up at a much
    higher rate. With your system , it would have been better to press the
    bets. Good idea though. 

  • Ray Charles 3 years ago

    I kind of like your systems, but not quite.
    I really need (like everyone), just a sure doggone thing,
    It seems like this system will win this way or that way, and the other
    system wins this or that way.

    It’s that doggone 7.

  • insanemetfan 3 years ago

    this system for sure is a crapper…but its not made of iron..more
    like bird droppings.. In the beginning of the video once you said you
    should wait for 2 sevens in a row to come up thats when I said this guys a

  • FortNikitaBullion 3 years ago

    The guy cut out the video when he rolled a 4 or 7.

  • bob smith 3 years ago

    1. bet $1 on pass and don’t pass establish a point

    2. $6 Don’t come bet put max odds under don’t pass($6 in this case) &chip
    on 11
    1/6 odds to roll 7 odds are you’ll miss the 7 so you”ll only lose just $1
    on DC comeout 80% of the time-if u hit 7 u pretty much break even (can also
    pit extra $1 on7 too if u want but I don’t) and if hit 11 u win $15 Now
    youre past 2nd roll Put that extra $6 on placebet under pt If you lose
    Don’t Come Pt You got to repeat this step

    3.Now youre on your 3rd roll and now set it up to break even on 7 & Pt and
    then roll come bets or even fieldbets/comebet at same time. Put $1 comebet.
    Put $1 placebets on anything but PT or 7 . Keep max odds under $1 don’t
    pass bet ($6) in this case*** For example pt is 6 & DontCome pt is 8
    you put $1placebets on 4 5 9 10 $6 placebet under 6 Put as many odds as you
    can under passline and not lose $ when 7 hits. Now youre set up. 7 hits
    you win $13 lose 13 (u win 6 on don’t pass with odds+ $6 don’t comebet
    plus the $1 comebet ) minus the $13 at risk Point hits you win $7 plus $3+
    on passline with odds – 13 don’t bets Don’t worry you wont lose money when
    SO U WIN WITH 7 & PT

    4 Now Roll comebets and when you hit 456 8 9 10 USE HOUSE MONEY TO PUT

  • Keith Schacht 3 years ago

    you’re not winning every time you’re rolling.

  • Nathaniel Futch 3 years ago

    these idiots with all the negative comments think that everything is
    independent they aren’t learning anything from the past. sure the odds are
    the same, but the probability is not. 

  • Anomilus 3 years ago

    Also, for those of you concerned about the casino table dice rolls versus
    his wooden table, you can always play online, where that won’t be an issue.

  • jasonmarke 3 years ago

    Actually , the more there is tumbling after the dice is set , the better
    the chance of a seven. If you do not believe in this, then there is no such
    thing as dice control. even with control, there is much variance like
    dealers getting in the way, people put money on the table , you hit the
    puck, you hit chips , the waitress comes etc. But yes, a wood wall can’t be
    compared to the wall on the dice table otherwise the casino would also use
    wood instead of spiked rubber.

  • Ken Berg 3 years ago

    Interesting strategy. You’re taking a big blow when a 7 or 11 hits on the
    come out but from there I like it. You’re looking for a trend at the table
    where the roller is hitting a lot of numbers but not the point. Once the
    point is maid you’re ahead while on the don’t so I’d consider adjusting a
    couple of things. Once the point is made, place all the numbers and the
    field like you do but pull them all back after 3 wins while leaving the
    don’t pass bet out. With everything out there you’re hoping to break even
    at that point. Maybe even place odds on the don’t after you pull the place
    best back. If you can get ahead of the odds I’d recommend staying there.
    Good luck!

  • bill c 3 years ago

    Interesting strategy but method is crippling to your bankroll if you get
    the 7 or the Yo on the comeout roll…A couple of those right off the bat
    (prob. of 22.2% of that happening) and you are in a deep hole since you are
    only making a measly $2 if you hit a 5, 6 or 8….Slightly better if you
    connect on the Field bet but still a long way to make up that $42 that you
    lost initially…My suggestion would be to either hedge the YO on the
    comeout to reduce your losses (now its a prob. of 16.7%) or better yet,
    avoid placing the $42 on the comeout roll and play the DONT COME after a
    point is made…The reason I say this is DI rollers are gunning for the 7
    or the 11 on the comeout and will set the dice differently once the point
    is made – namely trying to avoid the 7 and hence minimizing your chances of
    losing the whopping $42…Some people dont believe in dice setting but I
    have seen a couple of DI rollers at my local casino and they are good at
    it…I alter my betting whenever they roll…these guys can hit the 7/11 on
    comeout and more importantly avoid the 7 on future rolls…Just me 2

  • bob smith 3 years ago

    got don’t pass working for you put odds under it. Can actually do a don’t
    come bet too and use that extra money and put it on the point –just hedge
    the comeout with odds under the don’t pass you break even Id never bet $42
    though too much

  • Anomilus 3 years ago

    After the first 15 Minutes playing this system on play money, I found that
    you win very slowly. Overall it is a good slow money making strategy. Ofc a
    few off rolls will make this system null and void depending on how the dice
    are running. However, after 20 minutes laying odds on “don’t pass” in the
    case of point being 4,9,or 10 and laying odds on 6 and 8 my bankroll
    increased over 50% in just that short amount of time. In this case starting
    with 1,000 bucks I have 1,510.00. That isn’t very bad at all. Once you get
    ahead a bit I would recommend laying max odds x3 on “don’t pass” on 4,9,
    and 10 as often as they become the point. This result is only 2 short
    sessions. I will continue practicing it in the coming days up to 10- 30
    minute sessions and if I see some consistency in my results, I will try it
    with my real money.

  • Misterious 3 years ago

    Your table shows a “2″ on the field bet, but it doesn’t show a “12″. Most
    tables I have seen have a pay triple or double if you roll a “12″ when
    betting on the field bet.
    I didn’t notice until I played in Reno just now, that, when I played craps
    in Panama City, Panama (the country), they pay triple for rolling a 2 or a
    12 when betting on the field bet. Now I understand why I was doing well
    when playing craps in Panama, and making mostly field bets. In this casino,
    Grand Sierra Resort Reno, they are paying triple on a 12, and double on a 2.

    Now if you are using a rewards card for comps, you might be able at least
    break even after an hour or more of play, but keep making reward card

  • notsumguy 3 years ago

    How can you possibly loose with a system called the Iron Crapper??????

  • Eric Palach 3 years ago

    I Like your system very similar to a betting system that I use, except I
    bet bigger on the 5,6,8 and a bigger don’t pass or don’t come. If there’s
    lots of sevens being thrown I’ll hedge the seven and just eat the eleven
    when it comes out. Most people would think I’m either a genius or an idiot
    but betting the 2 or 12 pays 30 to 1 starting with a $2 bet on either
    one(gets to expensive to play both) then when you loose you up your bet by
    $1 each time til you hit…if you hit the $30 mark then you up it by $2
    every time to 60…if unlucky enough to not hit it at 60…then $3
    increases to 90…etc it’s my favorite way to use the casino as ATM but you
    gotta play with a lot of money or maybe start at $2 play to $10 and repeat
    starting at $2 again….just a thought for all you assholes out there
    giving this kid shit cause NO CRAPS SYSTEM IS BULLETPROOF

  • ben ferguson 3 years ago

    Hey mate great system! there is one problem i run across though. when i
    have bets across the board and i win on the point what do i do? because my
    buy in bets on the numbers i cant take of please hep thanks!

  • Bill Villa 3 years ago

    Why not put 10 on the pass line along with the $42 no pass? It will hedge
    $10 on the 7-11. If it is a 6 or 8 you can lay odds, if it is a 4, 9, 10
    just leave it and place bets on the other numbers? At a minimum it will
    lower the sting of losing $42. Also, once he point is placed, and if it is
    a 4 or 10, and the point hits, you stand to lose a net of $17, why not just
    make a hedge bet of two dollars…if it doesn’t hit, you lose $20, but if
    hardways come up, you break even. Right?

  • wisdom9195 3 years ago

    dude for you to “win” with this method, then you need to take the number
    you win down.

  • Online Poker Videos 3 years ago

    Hey man thanks so much! So nice to see people out there not asking for
    money and not trying to sell their bullshit

    Ive been doing this system exactly as shown in the video with practice
    money online and up nearly 1000 dollars thanks would love to see updates or
    new info!

  • Carlos Grant 3 years ago

    Jason! I could hear you talking on this video but could not view it. I
    want to try your new system out. Any ideas? Thanks! CGG

  • notsumguy 3 years ago

    I love the system name…the Iron Crapper!!

    I play a similar strategy, with a lesser amount upfront, 5 dollars on the
    field, 5 dollars on the 5, and Hard 6 and 8. I alternate my $ depending on
    how the table is running- if its cold I put more $ on the don’t and if
    numbers are hitting i put more $ on the numbers.

  • The Baws 3 years ago

    I’ve found this to work well with a small variant on the Shoot to Win Craps
    machine. I do $16 on Dont Pass, $2 on all numbers, $4 on point, $2 on
    field for $16. Seems to be a little less riskier on the come out. Sometimes
    I’ll also do a $1 on the 15:1 11 roll. Its a sucker bet but it gives me a
    little extra hedge and only on come out do i do that.

  • WatchDragon 3 years ago

    I tried this out putting $1 on all the hard ways, i sort of believe in dice
    influencing, so rolling the hard way set seems to pay a bit more, and if
    you hit a 7, you just get your money back. I am liking this so far, but
    people get grumbly when you bet don’t pass for some reason, don’t 7 is a
    crappy payday… I guess people do not understand that part

  • drue harris 3 years ago

    After the point is established and the point is made on the next roll you
    lose all $42 on the don’t pass… You’re not covered anywhere. For points
    5,6 and 8 you’re not covered on the field and only win $10 (or $12 for 6
    and 8) plus odds.. You lose a MINIMUM of $16 for 6 and 8… Lose $18 on

  • daddybird420 3 years ago

    on a real live game the come out 7 and 11′s will kill you guarnteed. its
    funny how on this video you hit two craps come out winners but never lost
    to a 7 or 11 on the come out..Unrealistic on a live game!

  • Jason Weil 3 years ago

    Place bets

  • Tehran Bertrand 3 years ago

    on average the dice will only roll slightly higher than 3 rolls so any
    strategy should be based on that if

  • Jason Weil 3 years ago

    Sounds good im gonna try that. Thanks for the input.

  • SuperDan112233 3 years ago

    Hi Jason, Great system. I cant wait to try it in Vegas. I’ve played the
    system on my iPad and with dice and chips. Both are winners most times.
    I’ve tried changing up the bets but found staying with the basic strategy
    works for me. Thanks again.

  • ravi kumar 3 years ago

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  • Jason Weil 3 years ago

    The app is prob wrong. Try this system on a table with real chips and dice.
    Draw it on paper and us pennies if you have to. Thats the only way to
    guaruntee a corect payout.

  • Jay S 3 years ago

    Jason, I play craps for a living and I watched your video and know a way
    that can help you make money with your system. Here is an idea, play the
    $42 on the don’t pass, place allbof your points as your system suggest, but
    elimate the field. Instead get a $2 C&E every roll. That way you will
    either win $5, $6, or $14 per roll. Then let the dice roll three times,
    bring all your bets down and place the point for $42 if the point is
    6/8,$40 5/9 and buy for $40 if the point is 10/4.

  • jesusthroughmary 3 years ago

    You could try starting with $208, doing $52 on the don’t, and doubling the
    5 against the no field so that every number is paying plus money, and
    tripling the point instead of doubling.

  • GuruChaz 3 years ago

    Tried this again with WinCraps for PC and another popular IOS app and the
    payouts never yielded a gain. Can someone else try this with WinCraps and
    verify please?

  • Jay S 3 years ago

    That way after three rolls you are up a minimum of $15. And if the point is
    hit 5/6/8/9 you will gain $6. And it is 4/10 you will $42. That way you are
    bringing in a profit and not leaving yourself exposed. $15 may not seem
    like a lot, but 10 shooters is a $150. Not bad for a semi-gauranteed bet.
    Plus, if they hig a 4/10 its your payday. Your intake is either even, $15,
    $21, or $58. Try it out. Trust me you will make money.

  • GuruChaz 3 years ago

    Been trying out this system on an iPad app called “Aw Craps!” that has been
    out for years and I’m about breaking even with it. Are you sure that you
    are doing the payouts correctly? The payouts on my app seems to be less and
    it’s supposed to be one of the most accurate Craps App on the market.

  • happyfxer 3 years ago

    You didn’t replenish all your field bet losses. The 5 just stayed there
    unless you won.

  • MrAshphillips 3 years ago

    when you say “loading the bases”, are those buy or place bets?

  • DJRhymes989 3 years ago

    have you ever seen 6 and 8 roll 10 times without any other number hitting?
    that im pretty sure is very unlikely… this is a solid strategy, after all
    it is gambling you cant expect to win every time, aside from 7 or eleven on
    the come out roll the only thing that can hurt you is hitting the point..
    if you want a safer strategy watch his first vid which is kinda the same
    except you only use it is if the point is 4,9,10, he offers an alt. strat
    that’s not to bad if any other point is established.

  • Jay S 3 years ago

    Please do! Let me know it works out for you.

  • Tehran Bertrand 3 years ago

    this system in theory is good but I have a few questions for you. How many
    times are you expecting the dice to roll when you come up with your betting
    strategy. Secondly, if a 7 is rolled on the come out roll 2 or 3 times or
    if point is hit back to back back it will be very hard for you to get back
    to even. I suggest putting a smaller bet on the don’t pass and adding odds
    and taking out the field bet and throwing out a dollar crap check on every

  • Jason Weil 3 years ago

    Thanks Jay. I am seriously going to try this.

  • DJRhymes989 3 years ago

    after the point is established you only have to win once b4 a 7 out to make
    profit and you will even out if you u 7 out on the first roll after the
    point is established