Details In this video, syndicated gaming writer, John Grochowski, gives details on the five best bets that can be made in craps. Some … – Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviewed syndicated gaming writer John Grochowski for this video where… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Robby Bonter 3 years ago

    Except for the true odds back-up even-money bet, we have just witnessed the
    glorification of underlay wagers, granted, not a steep house edge to
    overcome, but nevertheless, with a long-term expectation of the player
    losing. The downside of playing Craps is that there is no skill which can
    be developed and applied to the game to turn the percentage edge in the
    player’s favor. The really best bets in the world accrue to those who have
    the percentage edge, regardless of whether with or against the house.

  • Misterious 3 years ago

    The first bet you talked about. The pay triple on a 2 or 12 on a field bet.
    I seen the country Panama (the country), in Panama City. The casino was the
    Veneto. They had this rule the lat time I was there which was March 2014. I
    was wondering why I was doing better at this casino on craps than at other
    places. I didn’t play craps at other casinos in this city. They might all
    be like that. They use U.S. dollars there so if you are a gambler and
    looking for a different place to vacation, you might think about Panama.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    It’s not all luck. It’s mathematics, pure and simple. If you continuously
    make bets that have a 17% house edge rather than bets that have a 1% house
    edge, you will go broke much faster. If you want to be a smart gambler you
    will always make bets with the lowest house edge. You can’t avoid the math!

  • orbits2 3 years ago

    the 6 and 8 place bets are one of the worst bets in the casino Only 1.52
    vig yummy yummy Have a full tank of gas to get you back home

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    It doesn’t matter what you bet in craps because it is a negative
    expectation game, meaning you are expected to lose in the long run. The
    best thing you can do is to only make bets that offer the casino the lowest
    edge. Then, hope you get lucky, win some money and walk away from the

  • Hans Green 3 years ago

    Can’t believe he didn’t mention this strategy in the video.

  • Sounds kinda odd

  • chefrick 3 years ago

    I understand that. What I am trying to say is I always chose not to lay
    odds on the don’t pass line since I have a statistical advantage over the
    house once I survive the come-out roll…The more I lay the lower my edge
    over the house. Consider that my $25 bet on the don;t vs a point of 9 gives
    me a 3-2 edge, The more I lay at true odds would slightly lower that 3-2
    advantage since I get paid 2-3 instead of even money.

  • mjs28s 3 years ago

    Your strange strategy of picking bets that are based on a previous set of
    outcomes is not going to work. Odds are odds and estimated values of the
    bets are mathematical. Dice have no memory. The best way to play any game
    with built-in house edge is to play the lowest house advantaged wagers.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    Past results do not indicate future results. Just because it has been a
    “don’t pass” day, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. In the long run, the
    best thing you can do is only make low house edge bets and hope your
    bankroll lasts long enough for you to get lucky and make some money.

  • PimpMasterT's Slot Hits n' Stuff 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting, Steve. Love craps.

  • bzabra 3 years ago

    I’m writing a book on systemic crap strategies. It’s titled “How to go
    broke scientifically’”.

  • PimpMasterT's Slot Hits n' Stuff 3 years ago

    Just to say what you probably already know, but just so others
    know….Craps is SO MUCH EASIER than it looks/sounds…and it can be one of
    the most exciting games in the casino….ESPECIALLY if you can find a $5
    table. $40 can go a LONG way when betting properly.

  • Jesus Solorio 3 years ago

    I have been playing strategy on craps for some time now, and just recently
    lost twice in my last two trips. This was after winning on 7 straight trips
    usually x3 or x5 my bank. I noticed that in my last two trips if I would
    have bet don’t pass, I would of had a win day. Now im training myself to
    read the game and bet accordingly to what rollers are getting because
    sometimes it just seems like its a dont pass day. So far I am just using
    money management to know when to quit. Thanks for vid.

  • orbits2 3 years ago

    The come bet if bet in tandem with a Pass line bet is not the same as a
    stand alone Come bet ie the come bet will get creamed by the 2 3 and 12
    craps. If you bet a lone come bet then a come bet is the same as a pass
    line bet ITs a complication

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    The free odds bet is paid at the true odds whether taking the odds or
    laying the odds.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    A casino advantage of only 1.52% is very good. Especially, when you
    consider that most people are playing slot machines that can have a house
    edge of up to 15%.

  • TAMPABLACK 3 years ago

    if you want to make real money in craps with some protection get the 6 and
    8 then after you hit it twice get the 5 then hit one of the 3 then get 9
    hit again get 10 hit again get 4 now you got them all covered and you did
    it with their money. Sometimes I will go with a hardway if we got a good
    controlled shooter using a hardway setup and bet the field a few times only
    now because if you lose you still win due to having everything covered and
    you did it all with house money.

  • Plwmbad 3 years ago

    I ALWAYS play don’t pass. I just find it satisfying routing for the number

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    It’s not all luck. It’s mathematics, pure and simple. If you continuously
    make bets that have a 17% house edge rather than bets that have a 1% house
    edge, you will go broke much faster. If you want to be a smart gambler you
    will always make bets with the lowest house edge. You can’t avoid the math!

  • chefrick 3 years ago

    Interesting, I thought increasing the lay on the don’t pass line decreased
    the player’s edge since the original don’t pass bet pays even odds on a
    seven once the point is established. Example: I bet $25 on the don’t pass
    and survive the come out. A nine rolls and my original bet has the edge on
    the house by getting even payout on the seven(2-3 in my favor). Wouldn’t
    laying odds, although paying even money actually water-down my original

  • camlawson24 3 years ago

    Makes zero sense to say that receiving true odds wouldn’t make those bets a
    better bet. The definition of true odds puts the casino at zero house edge.
    Why ignore the cold, hard probability?

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    I relayed your question to John Grochowski for a more complete answer and
    here’s what he said: The problem is that you’re exposing that $25 to the
    comeout roll, where you have eight ways to lose and only three ways to win.
    Yes, you have an edge once a point is established, but you don’t know
    you’re going to get to that point when you make the bet. The lay odds are
    not exposed to the comeout. -continued-

  • orbits2 3 years ago

    true The 6 and 8 place bets are the so called chandeliers bets ie they pay
    for the the lights

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    If you’re already betting table minimum, it’s another matter. There’s no
    imperative to tacking another bet onto that. But if you’re betting above
    minimum, part of the goal is to minimize the portion of your bet that’s
    exposed to the house edge. -end-

  • Scratchcard Shelly 3 years ago

    Someone stated that gambling is a tax on the poor, gets you hooked then
    bleeds you dry, even so if you have to be in it to win it hey or at least
    have that dream.

  • melissa kozera 3 years ago

    the best bet is not to bet because u do not have more money than the casino
    and they will ruin you in the end

  • ArJuna22 3 years ago

    I have a strategy to make YOU a smarter gambler . . . . Don’t gamble at

  • Inclemency17 3 years ago

    My advice to those who have gambled is to learn the stock market. My advice
    to those who have never gambled is to pat yourself on the back and never
    step foot into a casino. You are already a winner.

  • DRESTA12345678910 3 years ago

    i went to the casino tonight, i played roulette. made 112 dollars. i feel
    pretty good. although i’ve always wanted to roll the dice in craps and go
    VEGAS WOOOOOO! and lose of course. yeah!

  • TheLiteYear 3 years ago


  • Hans Green 3 years ago

    Actually that’s a certain way not to win. If you watched the video then you
    would know that the best way to win is to count cards.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    The law of averages has nothing to do with it. Each spin is independent.
    The wheel doesn’t have a memory and doesn’t care what came in previously.
    Also, the game of baccarat doesn’t have independent events. The results are
    determind by the compostion of the cards remaining to be played. Therefore,
    the future events in baccarat are dependent upon the past results.

  • huston daniel 3 years ago

    I bet casino’s hate when you walk in there building.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    You are looking at two different things. One is a single spin and the other
    is 10 consecutive spins. On any given spin the adds remain the same.

  • bzabra 3 years ago

    All these gambling “experts” are writing books to try and recover their
    losses in the casinos. You can be the best blackjack player in the world,
    but if your not lucky, your not going to win. It’s possible to win in the
    short run, but in the long run, the casinos enormous bankrolls will devour
    us. BTW, I have developed a casino gambling system and have contemplated
    writing a book. The title will be “How to go broke scientifically”.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    You are only betting on the next spin of the wheel, not 10 consecutive
    spins, and the odds are the exact same on each spin. You need to read the
    Wikipedia page about the “Martingale” betting system. That will explain the
    math to you and how easy it is to get destroyed by the betting system you
    are advocating. “in 150 spins, there is a 77.2% chance that you will lose
    at least 6 spins in a row at some point.”

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    How can you have any fun that way?

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    The casino has a maximum bet limit. Once you reach that limit you won’t be
    able to double your bet anymore.

  • jordanaug81 3 years ago

    There is nothing like winning & nothing quite like losing either. Blackjack
    is the best bet in the house as far as im concerned and there is at least a
    signigicant percentage of skill involved. But then again bad luck
    completely out of your control will always find you & knock you on your ass
    eventually to remind you why its called gambling.

  • Colonel Potter 3 years ago

    I have pretty good dice control at craps I managed to stay the shooter for
    1 1/2 hour in AC

  • Ko-wing wong 3 years ago

    Educational gambling video.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    The casino advantage remains the same on every spin of the wheel and each
    spin is independent of what happened in the past.

  • Juan Pablo Zinser 3 years ago

    Yes, each spin is independent… however, it is not the same to look at
    each spin individually than look at them as a 10 spin “pack”. The odds of a
    single color to appear once in one spin are 18/38 or 18/37 depending on the
    roulette. The odds of the same color appearing 10 times in a row are
    (18/38)^10 which is roughly 0.05%

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    There is no trick to lower the casino advantage on roulette. The math can’t
    be changed.

  • DoubledownGG 3 years ago

    Thats actually not the best bet in a casino. Playing the Don’t and doubling
    your odds on craps gives you the best advantage along with playing a
    certain video poker.

  • Greenboy28 3 years ago

    craps may not be the best odds in the casino but it is by far the funnest
    game to play.

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum 3 years ago

    I dont care what kind of game it is, I will never play a computerized game.
    Since the odds are programmable, and outcomes are programmable. And I dont
    trust casinos to program them fairly.

  • Pf nX 3 years ago

    it does low it. usually if you bet on colours you have 48.6% chances of
    wining right?, because of the 0 its no 50% but like 48.6%. but look at
    this. if you always bet on the same colour, lets say red. you bet first
    time 10€ you lose, 2nd time same colour you bet 20 € you lose again, you
    bet the double you bet before, then lets say you bet 40€ and you win. »
    profit of 10. you can always do this if you have the money necessary. lets
    you bet red and it goes black 10 times in a row, it doesnt matter

  • Ramin Davani 3 years ago

    Great video. Thanks.