“King of Las Vegas” Wayne Allen Root and “Mr. Chicago”, sports journalist Chet Coppock reveal the “Ten Deadly Sins” of sports betting. Las Vegas, casino, Pla… Get The Winning Picks That Got Me Banned From The Sportbooks ————————————————————————————————… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Andrej Vrazic 3 years ago

    Football Betting Tipster Feared by Bookmakers Reveals Secret System !

  • bonnie43uk 3 years ago

    the best tip any gambler can have is this : Keep your money in your pocket.
    The only winners are the bookmakers. I have tried virtually every system
    there is to know. Predicting results is a minefield. I love a gamble, but
    now I gamble with no money.. ie: use monopoly money against yourself, and
    see how quickly you begin to lose, yes, you will get the occaisional win,
    but the longer you bet, the more you will lose. Gamblers will always
    remember their wins, but quickly forget the number of times they lose. Just
    try a “ghost bet”, put an imaginary £5 or $10 dollar on the team(s) you
    want to win, will soon start to see that your bet didn’t come up
    trumps, .. or if it did win, you were lucky, next time you wont be so
    lucky.. try it and keep a score of the number of loses. If you DO want to
    bet with money, use the smallest amount the bookmaker will allow (20p in
    the UK), see how your bets will lose more than win. Thats my advice anyhoo.

  • Sa Ka 3 years ago

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  • Iris Jackson 3 years ago

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  • zaurigouzki 3 years ago

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  • JOSEPH GEORGE 3 years ago

    Great advice for any type gambling Thanks.

  • Miguel Arias 3 years ago

    remember this the best team always wins….

  • interests10 3 years ago

    so all we have to do is bet on the team no one wants and we win..?? is that

  • 3 years ago

    You heard it from the pro! ;-)

  • packerd00 3 years ago

    Great vid,one thing I thought he should have mentioned was those so called
    Sports Experts like Sports Writers and Football analysts always pick the
    favourites,alot of people follow there advice aswell.

  • Robin Banks 3 years ago

    Sports betting has huge psychology Roulette has none, 

  • johon sthuard 3 years ago

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  • AAD MBP 3 years ago

    Bullshit comments

  • Ayelsbury Alan 3 years ago

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  • airman20012001 3 years ago

    I picked up Phoenix at +300 against the clippers, a +8 parlayed with 3 more
    underdogs, 20 = 1260

  • Douglas Wray 3 years ago

    This is incredible… I was a complete newbie and now I’m averaging around
    $2000 a month following this system. I’m blown away!

  • PEARL EDGAR 3 years ago

    i like the video

  • Betdistrict 3 years ago

    it`s hard to BS your way through more than 10 minutes. the guy is good, he
    knows what he`s saying, but this is just show, as there is NO bulletproof
    strategy to win except info, info, info. after 10 mins he started going
    against what he said earlier.

  • Sharon McCalman 3 years ago

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  • TheSpectatemealso 3 years ago

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  • Ioulum 3 years ago

    This guy is a big fat LIAR.

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  • Tanja Mandic 3 years ago

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  • myles rode 3 years ago

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  • gatrebag loisba 3 years ago

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  • Ellis Jason 3 years ago