A Tutorial about the finer points of Poker and how to make money and earn achivements. Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe Below. Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • modder1975 3 years ago

    One of best R* games. Thousand light years ahead of GTA V to me.

  • Bear Tonniics 3 years ago

    OMG can’t we just play go fish

  • Carlton Caramillo 3 years ago

    Thanks man this helps me out a lot 

  • MelanicDisaster 3 years ago

    Okay wtf. I just went all in with two kings and lost to a 3 and 6. What?

  • Jelmer van Groningen 3 years ago

    It’s so weird man, in Western films you always see these groups playing
    poker in the saloon and they are all these drunken, illiterate, idiotic
    thugs…yet those guys can understand this fucking game while to me this is
    all just rocket science. And I’m sober!

  • MotherfuckerJohnson 3 years ago

    i dont understand how people find card games like this fun, and even when i
    want to learn it i cant lmfao im a lost cause ill never finish RDR 100%

  • Wiizardii 3 years ago

    Is it ok if the bet is just all out random, or do you have to strategy out
    and make a wise bet? Or is it in poker where you just do an entire random
    bet with a random number (All in, or not) ?

  • DatGanjaSmuggla 3 years ago

    My way always makes me win. I go and bluff 100% and have no clue what the
    fuck I’m doing. If I lose I blow everyone away and reload my save!

  • jakkrauser 3 years ago

    @3tGaming you can get the acheivemnet in the mission lucky in love

  • xiScoTsMaN 3 years ago

    nope still not a clue

  • alexsk8472 3 years ago

    i got rdr undead nightmare and i win heaps of stuff and then i press start
    on [ps3] and it says money:0. can u replay telling me ways of getting money

  • Heathereesta 3 years ago

    I played it before and won 108 $

  • Erlend Slettum 3 years ago

    thanks man, won a game after 5 minutes. just cheated so that i killed all
    but one of the guys. Much easier to win against one dude.

  • skullzcrusher 3 years ago

    I’d rather not kill the other participants. I never play on tables with
    less than 4 players (excluding me). When I cheat, I play outside in
    Blackwater, just GENTLY move the stick and keep the thing at the center,
    and dont be affraid to raise the guys when you got a good hand. Dont raise
    too much, raise at the minimum to beef up the pot, and just figure out how
    the other guys play, there’s actually some patterns you can find.

  • quinatatyler 3 years ago

    @MrSdefrgh yeah i always lose at armidillo of Thieves Landing but
    Blackwater is a different story

  • Isuck232 3 years ago

    Best strategy = fold til you get 2 of the same.

  • OOHZnaP 3 years ago

    @containsmediumpeople yeah i figured that out 2 mins after i wrote the
    commment but thanks for replying

  • Kha Lee 3 years ago

    First, I join then if I lose, i get up, take out my revolver, and go boom.
    Tats all I do.

  • Leowits Solo 3 years ago

    another tip is when you KNOW you aren’t gonna win the pot take your piece
    of crap card and trade out your good one for the next turn

  • jason pop 3 years ago

    dude i win chips but i don’t win the whole thing

  • MrSdefrgh 3 years ago

    I Always lose this game. 5 days ago, i was winning, but unfortenaly he had
    a better hand and i lost. I HATE THIS GAME!!(POKER)

  • Jmagnum8989 3 years ago

    When you say high stakes poke do you mean the $100 games? because Ive
    played at black water and you can play with the cowboy outfit. I won 3,000
    ships in black water in one hand. =)

  • Luke Baldwin 3 years ago

    thank you very much, that was very good advice on how to play the game
    texas hold ‘em poker. i appreciate it

  • xxshadowmakerxx 3 years ago

    I always get the worst cards so I just have the worst luck ever D:

  • jellybean3264 3 years ago

    were is hi stakes poker in mexico