This video is for someone trying to understand the game of Craps. It’s for “Right Betters”. Those who bet with the shooter. Don’t Pass & Don’t Come aren’t di… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • u2good2b4gotn 3 years ago

    Still a little confusing, but this is about the best tutorial on Craps I’ve
    seen so far.

  • SuperLadyliv 3 years ago

    I wish that box has another name that wasn’t the word ”COME” had to turn
    it off half way through, was making me cringe every time he said it

  • Robert Bonter 3 years ago

    Years ago I overheard a lamenting horse player say: “Everybody gets
    winners, it’s the losers that kill you.” This can be extended to the game
    of Craps as: “Everybody gets overlays, it’s the underlays that kill you.”
    Unfortunately, there are NO overlays on a Craps table, The House has the
    edge, no matter how “brilliant” your money management, and no matter how
    “hot” you roll for awhile. This is an unbeatable game. Las Vegas now has
    several billion dollar hotel/casinos, all of which were financed with the
    profits from their having the percentage edge in games like Craps that they

    So the moral is, you need to figure out a way of your becoming The House
    and having the edge, or you will always lose out, in the long run, if you
    do not….

  • Kevin Miller 3 years ago

    Not only was this very boring but was confusing to understand, but in the
    long run you probably saved me a lot of money because I wont be playing
    this any time soon LOL

  • Kenneth Apparatus 3 years ago

    great video. Thank you

  • Jennifer Hockford 3 years ago

    I think this was really informative, it was a great to understand how to
    make good betting choices and have fun at the game. Alot of the other
    videos were too short. Nice Job.

  • Frank Castle 3 years ago

    Just watched a few videos and got lost pretty quickly. I think I can
    honestly say get it now, thanks.

  • ToneTaeFany 3 years ago

    Great video!

  • D Blair 3 years ago

    That makes so much more sense now. Thanks for the video.

  • Rjamison1977 3 years ago

    I just flipped my rent money by watching this video Thanks:)

  • Willy Wonka 3 years ago

    Wow! I almost get it now!!! I had no clue how to play until I watched this!
    NICE JOB!!!!

  • crunchshark87 3 years ago

    Never bet the field or the stupid odds. You will lose everytime! Do what
    this guy says and you will win!

  • Tiffaney Cook 3 years ago

    Great video, I was very confused when watching others, but yours was great.
    I am ready to give it a try!

  • Pyroshen 3 years ago

    This is great. One of the quickest and easiest explanations. All these
    freaking lectures take forever

  • Douglas Morrison 3 years ago

    Great video. Thanks!

  • bhutunga 3 years ago

    Nice video, just back from Vegas wishing I knew how to play craps…seemed
    like a great atmosphere on those tables

  • hman630 3 years ago

    this is confusing as hell.. WTF?

  • pk20030 3 years ago

    Hello there, I would like to know what are the fire bets? Since they have
    handsome payouts?

  • Tony DeAngelis 3 years ago

    very helpful. Thanks a lot.. I now feel I could approach a table with

  • Jeff Stone 3 years ago

    When you place a “fire bet” your are betting on the shooter to making more
    than 4 points in a single roll before 7ening out/crapping out. 5 points in
    a row may pay 25-1, 6 pts 50 to 1 and so on. It’s a real long shot. I’ve
    only seen it once.

  • Rationalific 3 years ago

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  • SantaClaus47579 3 years ago

    Glad you like it. Understanding the pass line and come bets along with full
    odds is most important. All the other “proposition bets” (hard this & yo
    that) are just sucker bets. I’ll take a flyer every now and then when I’m
    up, but 99% of the time I stay away. It is fun to watch others, and
    sometimes they hit, and that’s fun. But they usually end up losing
    everything. Thank you for the comments and Good Luck!

  • sinfrax 3 years ago

    Bloody hell, I actually understand this madness now. Even if it’s just
    basica strategy. Great video!

  • gentleuterus 3 years ago

    I made ten grand last weekend in atlantic city just betting the pass line
    and odds. Really fun game.

  • Jeff Stone 3 years ago

    You’re welcome. It took me a couple months to figure out how easy craps
    was. It’s the sucker bets that makes it tough to learn. Pass and Come bets
    with FULL odds gives you the best chance to win!