Here is the link for the best-of of PHIL IVEY: Here is the link for the best-of of ELKY:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Here is the link for the best-of of ELKY: Here is the link for the best-of of Daniel Negreanu: https://www.youtub… Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  • iVince905 3 years ago

    For the love of god this guy is gifted at reading peoples hands..its

  • Jash D 3 years ago

    Couldnt we use negreanu to track down bin laden? HAHAHA

  • gela jojua 3 years ago

    no one can say that this sucker wins hands from behind that just luck and
    not poker mastery

  • Michel Smiffi 3 years ago

    “8 of diamonds. Jack of diamonds” :D Negreanu can even read the dealer’s

  • Sam Schutte 3 years ago

    he is fucking unreal

  • VanillaSnake21 3 years ago

    The turn and the river was amazing but obviously a guess, those cards were
    best for his hand, my favorite was the one with Pollack, the whole table is
    bewildered folding jacks, Dan’s like oh he had nines or eights, Pollacks
    smile vanished in a sec

  • guibox3 3 years ago

    Just got Daniel’s ‘Power Hold Em’ Strategy’ as a gift from my girlfriend.
    Can’t wait to read it!

  • Timothy Frost 3 years ago

    5:38 “Jacks? then you had the best hand…. he had 9′s or 8′s”

    Amazing read. 

  • Shipdacheese 3 years ago

    Calling what cards come on the turn and river are considered the best
    moments of Negreanu? Lol thats pretty weak. 

  • Tye Wolfe 3 years ago

    This a joy. It really raises the question of what’s the best asset for a
    player: Genius knowledge and application of probability theory or good old
    intuition? I know these are selected from thousands of games, but when Kid
    Poker does guess aloud, he is at least half right, every single time.. He
    seems to find a zone where the card he most wants appears like magic BUT he
    also has this weird penchant for knowing the river will allow a losing
    player suck out and beat him. He can just feel the opponents’ out coming. I
    have studied probability all my life and I wonder if some events like these
    don’t tempt materialists to believe he has an extrasensory power. Nice
    guy, too.

  • Christopher Wilson 3 years ago

    Now show me the compilation of all the times he called a card and it didn’t

  • Francois Collerette 3 years ago

    the most entertaining part was when he called out loud the turn AND the
    river during his heads-up match!

  • r4ffi 3 years ago

    He calls hands all the time. Here we only see the hands he called
    successful, thats doesnt make him ‘gifted’. Nevertheless he is one of the
    best with his abilities!

  • Neil Jerzynek 3 years ago

    daniel is a good player but this vid is to show how good he is, at 7:21
    it’s a bad call, the person who needs this needs an education, good hand
    but not wehat this video is about

  • Dalj H 3 years ago

    8:18 to 8:47 HOW IN THE FUCK?!!!!

  • Don Cabron 3 years ago

    this man is amazing

  • Homer Dalor 3 years ago

    DN is Patrick Jane’s Jedi master .

  • Yama YourRealtor 3 years ago

    First hand it was not a great play by Daniel, more of bad play by his

  • Justas Urbonas 3 years ago

    He’s wearing mirror glasses isn’t that a solution?

  • Reece Hall 3 years ago

    they had a agreement him and sammi f that they wud let each other no if
    they had them beat. did any one c the coff just b4 the fold

  • mindchimp 3 years ago

    amazing man, I guess he has done his 10000 hours of poker

  • Allia Noureldin 3 years ago

    10 9 lost a lot

  • Михаил Аврамчук 3 years ago

    Wow! Danny, Danny! I’m with KK re-raise to all-in. What would you do? :D

  • Kokyu nage 3 years ago

    God of poker. RESPECT

  • Kowalski K 3 years ago

    this is like Call Lightman of poker lol

  • Harry Jones 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, but he really should have folded on that last hand, he was lucky
    as hell to win off of that.

  • magzire 3 years ago

    fricking terminator “here to take your chips, your money and your dignity”

  • SMG Vito 3 years ago

    Hello everyone, I will soon do a new video, that will be a best-of but I
    still don’t know a best-of of who or of what. Tell me which player
    (Hellmuth, elky, Faraz Jaka, Tricket, Katchalov, Mercier etc…) or which
    tournament (WSOP, WPT, EPT, etc…) do you want a best-of of ;) thanks

  • Richard Flores 3 years ago

    Eli ” I wish we had a time bank like has somewhere more important to be.

  • Ozymandias 3 years ago

    What tourney is the one where phil busts tony G? Great commentary. I’d like
    to see the whole event 

  • 222333aaaaaa 3 years ago

    The Michael Jordan of poker

  • Jacob Jones 3 years ago

    “I think Phil Ivey is posturing here.” Yeah…nope.

  • DGBeats 3 years ago

    NYCempire: ivey would have a full house if a second ace came on the river. 

  • butitdidhappen82 3 years ago

    Unless he had a read, no she shouldn’t have. His was over 5 million ahead
    with what probably looked like a 50/50 chance to win, plus some fold
    equity. Playing these hands is how you win tournaments.

    Not among his best hands though. Pretty standard play.

  • Vincent Wong 3 years ago

    those who say he tipped off dealers and keeps staring at dealers for
    cards.. are u guys seriously retarded? think of all the cash games,
    tournies etc he plays. he has to tip off every single dealer. imagine how
    much money he would need to keep the dealers mouth shut or else they ruin
    his reputation of his website etc. if it was 1 time thing, yea sure he
    could of, but look at all these years of battling he has done. think before
    u comment, ignorant kids.

  • vishnu kurup 3 years ago

    the last one is not just about luck its abt playing right there is 160 for
    nam abd phil has like 760 chips the raise is 420 which he would obviously
    call and if nam had ak phil had a small edge and could win anyway and
    losing also wouldnt hurt him much

  • james bond 3 years ago

    LOL at including flopping a set against top pair top kicker in a “best of
    phil ivey” video…

  • pvtrichardsonbr 3 years ago

    So confused….shouldnt 2 aces beat 2 4s?

  • Mike Abraham 3 years ago

    5:40 ouch indeed.

  • Fettnerfred 3 years ago

    paul jackson makes a raise at first and not a reraise like the commentator
    said it

  • JinYoung Kim 3 years ago

    why are the commentators so retarded. 

  • Christopher Thompson 3 years ago

    Preflop action on the first hand pays off my student loans……… I
    should have studied poker for 4 years instead of mechanical engineering.

  • Nuno Fonseca 3 years ago

    if the video its about skill what’is the last hand doing here?? just a
    standart lucky play…

  • Clint Lomax 3 years ago

    @NYCEmpire. Ivey hit a set of 4s on the flop, as Tony G hit his ace.
    Another ace on the river gives Tony trip aces, but gives Ivey the 4s over
    aces house.

  • poko piko 3 years ago

    17:23 = PUNCH IN THE FACE

  • Endy Enderson 3 years ago

    Phil Ivey isnt the best.. wtf bs is that…

  • Brian Hughes 3 years ago

    i’ve watched so much Phil i almost feel like i could take him

  • blahtws 3 years ago

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  • flyinguitars1 3 years ago

    Nam took the last hand very well…

  • checkcall123 3 years ago