Find out how to win at roulette with the help of roulette strategy tips. Follow the basic game recommendations about bankroll management and roulette betting… Video Rating: 3 / 5


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  • Dan Lieberman 3 years ago

    Video title “How to win” is misleading. Tips 1 thru 3 are about marginally
    reducing the house edge, nothing more. Tips 4 and 5 are mathematically
    incorrect. With a positive expectancy game, you should bet as small as
    possible, to allow your bankroll to survive adverse fluctuations, because
    the longer you survive, the more your P/L will trend toward the
    mathematical expectancy. However, in a negative expectancy game (like
    roulette), the reverse applies: your best strategy is to stake your entire
    bankroll on one spin, and then quit altogether; and to maximize your
    winnings (note I said “winnings”, not “expectancy”), it should ideally be
    on a 35-to-1 shot; because the longer you play, the more the negative
    expectancy will work against you. Also, pocketing parts of winnings is
    irrelevant; it doesn’t change the house edge. Tip 7: systems that she
    recommends (Martingale, d’Alembert, Labouchere) offer no mathematical
    advantage over flat betting. Neither does tip 8 “have fun” LOL. If you
    doubt any of this, ask any math professor!

  • Richard Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Great info, i have some roulette strategies on my channel. 

  • iAmBuLLeTpRooF23 3 years ago

    i just played and bet on even all the time… then there suddenly were 15
    odd numbers in a row and i was out of money

  • rasoulfc 3 years ago

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  • ivanvarbanov 3 years ago

    the best way to win at roulette is never to play

  • katrin1101 3 years ago

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  • rouletteismygame 3 years ago

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  • Alex S 3 years ago

    i would like to know how some guys just come to a roulette table and put on
    2-3 numbers $25….and hit the numbers!

  • BRowe99 3 years ago

    Curiosity. I was wondering whether a video called “How to Win at Roulette”
    would show you how to win at roulette, since there is actually no way to
    win consistently. Of course, the video did nothing of the kind.

  • Amanda Riocheski 3 years ago

    There is a better roulette system offered by with some great
    insider tips for better odds in roulette.

  • SaireddySamalaDrpt 3 years ago

    Hi, I wrote small notes on european roulette, but it worths more. 1st rule:
    how to bet on colors(black or red) 2nd rule: how to bet on neighbors 3rd
    rule: how to bet on rows and columns 4th rule: how to bet on evens and odds
    5th rule and the most important rule: how to bet on magic numbers. For
    example, if the number comes 32. After this which number comes, that may be
    23( logic behind this is reverse number) or that may be 12(logic behind
    this is 32 minus

  • Bart doet er nie toe 3 years ago

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  • thekipsta123 3 years ago

    head moves left, head moves right,head moves left, head moves right

  • GlockComa16 3 years ago

    No offense Jessica, but you’re a fucking liar. There is a way to win 100%
    of the time. I have already figured it out with a few of my buddies from
    Princeton. I am not going to reveal it to anyone and i promised that to my
    buddies b.c. if you can figure it out, you deserve a reward. I’m not going
    to hand you wealth. If you are really serious about becoming successful
    with roulette, STUDY IT. Study every aspect of it; memorize the payouts;
    and most importantly experiment with diff. strategies.

  • BRowe99 3 years ago

    The randomness in the roulette wheel is not quantum mechanical randomness,
    so it is OK for God to play roulette.

  • 92mosess 3 years ago

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  • AvatarZ 3 years ago

    Tip #1: Open a casino…

  • GlockComa16 3 years ago

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  • cassidy99ful 3 years ago

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  • helena dealis 3 years ago

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  • Zura Lekiashvili 3 years ago

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  • Dziubekoo 3 years ago

    There is a strategy but you have to be a good in maths

  • Joy Mandez 3 years ago

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  • Halsy6964 3 years ago

    haha das ist ja wiedermal ein super video! aber was anderes – will jemand
    wissen wie ich monatlich über 5400 euro einfach so nebenbei dazuverdiene
    wirklich einfach mit der hilfe meines notebooks? schaut euch sofort auf
    roulettegeld* DE die Methode an! echt kinder leicht und auf galileo
    bei pro7 wurde die methode auch schon als OK befunden! einfach mal
    reinklicken. ist ja auch gratis ;-).