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  • AlstonM100 3 years ago

    Online craps is one of the most popular online casino games. It is a proven
    fact that it is the most exciting online game to play and the game offers a
    massive amount of stakes, thereby, adding more punch to the game, making it
    further more interesting.

  • C. Judge Johnson 3 years ago

    @TheSeabee1978 People should learn to bet the correct amount on 6/8. Only
    in units of 6!

  • rdwafer75 3 years ago

    Craps by Forest Gump! Thanky ou for Watching! Craps is like a Vegas Hooker,
    Ya never know whatcha gonna get!

  • SSances 3 years ago

    worst video on craps ever made

  • ShellBman O'Neil 3 years ago

    I guess finding a good tutorial is a gamble now-a-days.

  • John Schwab 3 years ago

    Rules: 1. keep money on pass or don’t pass. . .don’t wander. 2. Don’t be
    afriad to switch from pass to don’t pass if the table goes dead. 3. When
    you are on a roll, stay. . .but walk away the moment you numbers don’t come
    back. 3. If you find yourself on a losing streak, leave! 4. Manage your
    money. . .Don’t play with money you will fell guilty about losing. 5. Tip
    the dealers if you are ahead, or when you leave the table. You want them on
    your side, even if its just for the ego lift.

  • Spuds7er 3 years ago

    Why can’t I just watch ONE VIDEO that explains all of it at once… instead
    of watching who knows how many where I have to spend 1/3 of each video
    watching the guy introduce himself every time! Expertvillage FAIL

  • brandonleesanders 3 years ago

    HAHA that film set looks so crapy!!!

  • mickey dickey 3 years ago

    hi im joeseph pickerson, an im a crack smoking casino manager…i know

  • bukakee1 3 years ago

    Guy looks like a serial killer

  • Danil patrushev 3 years ago

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  • dontswin 3 years ago

    This guy is no pit boss…well maybe for like 2 hours then fired cause he
    don’t know shit!!

  • TheSeabee1978 3 years ago

    A place bet on 6 and 8 pays 7:6…that is $7 to your $6. Your bet must be a
    multiple of six. If you place more than the six, but less than 12, then
    remainder will be paid off at even money. e.g If you place $10 on 8, they
    will ask you to up it to $12, or will only pay you $7 to 6, and $4 to the
    remaining 4.

  • Ko-wing wong 3 years ago

    The secret to craps is to only bet on the points if a 5,6,8 or 9 is rolled.
    Whichever number is rolled, we will say 6 for example, you will not place
    any money on number 6 because it is covered on the pass line already. Now
    your next highest odds of winning as on the 5, 8, and 9 points. So place
    minimum bets on 5,8, and 9. If the dice lands on one of your numbers, take
    your payout, then take your bet back before the shooter rolls a seven,
    otherwise the casino gets your money. repeat pattern.

  • Nolan Lee 3 years ago

    @Tropicsna…that’s so true…that’s what I do at the tables…just take
    200 with you if you’re at a min $5 table just incase it starts off rough
    but you will get over the $200 you began with if you stay disciplined and
    dont wander into side bets etc

  • bratlue 3 years ago

    very impressive and quality video , as it explores very clear picture of
    craps. Craps is also a skill game lots of practice is needed to be a
    professional in this game.

  • bachelors of trolling degree, 2013 3 years ago

    I think a retarded monkey could make a better video than this.

  • murfeeeee 3 years ago

    i’m pretty sure there is no minimum with the 6 and 8, but im not sure

  • 1blkshu 3 years ago

    Yes, that is because it has to be an even bet for the odds.

  • SSances 3 years ago

    worst video on craps ever made

  • Paahau 3 years ago

    This wasn’t as sad as people let on. It helped clear up place bets as in
    what increments to wager.

  • p0o9l8 3 years ago

    haha def but tons of ppl post for the same name

  • boiledhooker 3 years ago

    yes, it is a comission, not sure what it’s about, but that’s how they want
    it, you can also place bets, and i think that has better pay out. check out
    “winning at casino craps” by ed silberstang

  • love41day 3 years ago

    hey ,,,way to cut that video off before you were done talking…you need to
    learn how to record a video before telling anyone how to play craps

  • Ashby Tabley 3 years ago

    jeff steizer: “Crap-tacular” “Crap-tastrophe”

  • Thomas Libretti 3 years ago

    does the longer you play at the table translate into the house taking a cut
    ? like a rake ? example; if I’m playing 10$ on a 6 or 8 with $20 odds, (
    totals $64 in total winnings counting your original bet) why is it that
    online free sites sometimes have a $63.31 winning total ? 

  • Eric Stayman 3 years ago

    “Free Odds” that can lose, doesn’t necessarily apply to the name. TRUE ODDS
    is the term that describes this bet. And it does reduce the house edge the
    more your able to place as odds. Generally speaking strip odds or Vegas
    odds is 3x-4x-5x depending on the point. There are extreme examples like
    Casino Royale across from the Mirage and next to Harrah’s in Vegas that
    have 100x odds on all points. I have only seen one person playing this way
    ever but it does mean that you should never play more than table min on
    pass line bet until you overcome the $300 odds bet as table min is $3. This
    will maximize the player provided advantage of your odds limits and this
    decreasing the overall house edge of your bet to under 1% in most cases.

  • Webkinz Fan 3 years ago


  • Nathan Pimentel 3 years ago

    Aaawwww CRAP!

  • Nathan Pimentel 3 years ago


  • 21 Nights Entertainment 3 years ago

    Right… 6 comes out 5 ways. I meant to say that SEVEN comes out six ways.
    Thanks for pointing that out.. sorry y’all. :)

  • indignant99 3 years ago

    2:07 You said 6 can come 6 ways. WRONG. 5 ways.

  • Raymetrious 3 years ago

    So which mean we get to double back @.@?

  • bretadoruben1 3 years ago

    Your odds of winning don’t change, just your the way it pays you.

  • EmailWire NewsWire 3 years ago