Learn how to play blackjack game with easy to follow and learn step by step instructions. Find out how to hit, stand double down and split by simple examples… Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  • Henry CAL 3 years ago

    i dont know if she’s a real or animated person

  • cazinoguru 3 years ago

    Can i play with you, babe?!!

  • poopsicleta123 3 years ago

    is she a man? why is the voice dubbed over?

  • UNHleaSHD 3 years ago

    Nice! Very helpfull! And cute girl!

  • Julian Herrera 3 years ago

    why do you want to double down instead of asking for a hit

  • beegee7987 3 years ago

    Someone give this girl a cheeseburger

  • ick709 3 years ago

    What? I’ve been told that if you get a 17 or above, you HAVE TO stand (take
    no more cards) so what is she going on about?

  • junedul23 3 years ago

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  • niccodTV 3 years ago

    after effect, or adobe flash (1500 dollars each ;) )

  • nitromick122 3 years ago

    @UNHleaSHD yea but for some reason he voice doesn’t go with her body. Her
    voice sounds like those shampoo or lotion commercials, but you never see
    the narrator ya know?

  • Noam Giber 3 years ago

    @ick709 You always assume the dealer has a 10 as a facedown card. If you
    have 17 and the dealer shows 18, you’re better off hitting and hoping for a
    low number in my opinion.

  • 3amsleep 3 years ago

    she haves the most obnoxious cadence

  • 132000Volts 3 years ago

    What does it mean pays 3 to 2?

  • makeupbytony 3 years ago

    omg this girl is anorexic

  • Vaibhav Upadhyay 3 years ago

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  • MrAmorgan1234 3 years ago

    nice vid, nice girl..

  • zarades66 3 years ago

    nice )

  • Burner55 3 years ago

    hit on a 17 if dealer is showing 8 the face down card could be a 10

  • Aaron Dawson 3 years ago


  • ToxicFearful 3 years ago

    Her voice pisses me off

  • Mohammed Nihas 3 years ago

    thiss one explain really well i need it for vhdl design

  • ick709 3 years ago

    @NoamTube Okay, thanks

  • PlatinumRomance 3 years ago

    @12eecespieces Yes. You can only get blackjack if your first 2 cards eqaul
    21. And for this to happen, you would have to get an Ace and a 10 value
    card. You are not suppose to hit on a hard 17 like this dummy did. Also, i
    noticed when she split the 8′s, she dealt a out of turn. You’re not suppose
    to deal another hand until the first one is done! She dealt the 4 to first
    8, 5 to the other 8 and then went back and dealt to the first 8 again THAT
    IS NOT HOW U PLAY! This woman is a TARD!

  • Steven Donald 3 years ago

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    #gaming app

  • PlatinumRomance 3 years ago

    @12eecespieces If she would have played the split 8′s the right way she
    would have had 17 on both hands and the dealer would have rightfully busted
    with the 10 and not the 4! She made an illegal move! This woman is teaching
    u the wrong way!