Mathematical comedienne Timandra Harkness trots through the odds of betting on a winning horse. Famous Race Horses: Sherga…

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  • Coke Ecstasy 2 years ago

    less talking – more deriving

  • moppettshow 2 years ago

    Betting odds aren’t probabilities.

  • therealhoudini101 2 years ago

    That accent was killing it 

  • Teun Dilles 2 years ago

    In this example, she picks three horses out of the pack, so there are more
    than three horses in this example. It would not be a good strategy. In
    fact, betting on horses is in general not a very good idea to make money.

  • 90justmyopinion11 2 years ago

    i mean win £100

  • Head Squeeze 2 years ago

    Fantastic! So we’re helping students and those at work! Great job.

  • nilsazzo 2 years ago

    yeah right.. That’s what you call mug acca

  • TheThirdGerman 2 years ago

    I missed that, sorry. Well yes, in that case you won’t lose.

  • darkflow89 2 years ago

    seems to me like this only shows why it would be a stupid idea to bet on a
    sport that you know nothing about

  • Darrel leighton john Barnett 2 years ago

    ill go with the £62 – £100 bet… and REPEAT!

  • The Whovian Hipster 2 years ago

    Me too. :(

  • googleboughtmee 2 years ago

    What about when they refund losing bets and an italian runs around
    screaming KAMMY

  • Sakonema 2 years ago


  • The Windowlicker 2 years ago

    I’ve just started working in a bookies and this has actually helped me
    understand some of the bizarre looking bets that punters insist on placing.

  • WulfenFtw 2 years ago

    think it only works with very few horses.

  • TheOneThat WasChosen 2 years ago

    OBJECTION! The odds of the first card being dealt to you being an Ace are 4
    in 52. The odds of your second card being an Ace, given the fact that your
    first card was an Ace, are 3 in 51. Thus, your odds of being dealt pocket
    Aces are about 0,45%. Doesn’t sound that great, does it?

  • 90justmyopinion11 2 years ago

    There is more than three horses in the race so you’re not guaranteed to win
    £62 everytime, you didnt think it would be that easy did you.

  • willfeav 2 years ago

    it’s not sure because there would be other horses in the race, the odds
    would be structured so that it’s impossible to arrange your bets to get a
    sure win – otherwise the bookies would never make money!

  • Justins VideoStash 2 years ago

    1:25 The start of gambling addiction?

  • ineeed2cheat 2 years ago

    can u do more like these pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • kingdoug 2 years ago

    You would make more money selling your system to gamblers, than making bets.

  • actigene2 2 years ago

    interesting. still, a sure $100 from $62 is a pretty good return on

  • Ramuk 2 years ago

    You don’t always win

  • ianclark001 2 years ago

    Whilst this is great, I think portraying gambling as beatable by betting on
    all the probabilities,summing to greater than one, is a little silly in
    explaining how betting odds work. Also (really anal) – keep the exclamation
    mark out of the equation – 1/1683! are long odds indeed!

  • G0DOFMILK 2 years ago

    Not if there’s only 3 horses like in this example