Online Roulette Strategy Secrets I have read over 60 books about patterns strategies and algoritms which had conclude me that Y… Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • 37rainman 3 years ago

    “I know you’re going to tell me its completely random, BUT ….. ”

    and that my friend is a sign of the true gambling loser — its random, but
    I am so special that the consequences of randomness doesn’t affect lil ol

    Buddy you have obviously missed your schooling in basic math/logic, but it
    still is not to late. Find something more functional to do with your time
    then teaching others to believe basic gamblers fallacies.

  • Sprocket Bofinger 3 years ago

    meh other day 13,31,13 showed up then 28,28,28, then come on 4
    ones in a row …. I so don’t trust online gambling 

  • 37rainman 3 years ago

    “Get a piece of paper and a pen” Yuh, good!

    Anytime you see a person writing things on a piece of paper at any of these
    games, you know you are looking at someone who is clueless about the basics
    of these games.

    There is absolutely NOTHING one can record on that paper that could be
    useful to you,

  • Mahir Aka 3 years ago
  • Jesse Martin 3 years ago

    It was cool to see but I’d stick to my own strategy. Come check it out on
    my channel….I agree with the other comments, What if the same number come
    out more than once. Then you’re screwed. Cool it worked for the video tho

  • Ikafur Nurbs 3 years ago

    I’ve heard about people who can win on Craps, never roulette though. I even
    tried a similar strategy to this on an online casino and lost 30 bucks.
    Same number twice in a row, two times, then gave up.

  • Cave Man 3 years ago

    All virtual games are fake…scam.

  • Alan Kwan 3 years ago

    Oh boy, your self-contradiction is so painful. If you believe that “some
    numbers may come up more often” due to physical/mechanical factors, why are
    you removing your bet from a number which has come up once, as though you
    have grounds to believe that there are also factors which make it less
    likely for a number to repeat? Shouldn’t you be betting /only/ on numbers
    which have come up previously? Actually, it is very unlikely that there is
    an imbalance in the wheel (which is large enough to overcome the house
    advantage), and even if so, it is most probably so small that you need
    thousands of spins in order to identify it. A number coming up just twice
    within a few spins is not indicative of anything. You are also so messed
    up about “long term” and “short term”; you just don’t understand what you
    are talking about. Long terms means a mathematical edge; it is impossible
    to have a “short term advantage” while having a long term disadvantage.
    What the mathematicians say is that, having a long term advantage does not
    guarantee a shot term winning because of the swings of luck. Thus, any
    system can win short term just like flat betting if you get lucky, but this
    certainly does not mean you have a “short term advantage”, and your system
    is certainly as worthless as any other.

  • ZeusHelios 3 years ago

    He got lucky. Those numbers you remove your chips from could be the hot
    numbers and you could end up losing. You probably will need at least
    300-500 chips to have at least some chance of this working in the short
    term. An alternative to this is to bet on the numbers that come up. So you
    start with no chips on the board, spin the wheel and what ever number comes
    up you place a chip on that number, you do this for at least 30 numbers,
    but you only do it for the short term. Always place a bet on green. Better
    still spin the wheel for at least 12-16 times then place your chips on all
    those numbers that came up and then continue to select numbers than come up
    until you have reached at least 30 numbers then stop selecting numbers Only
    play for a short time then get out of the game to try again another time.
    By the way you will be best starting with at least 200- 500 chips to be
    sure you have enough to get through some losing runs before winning again.
    Keep it short term

  • Colton 3 years ago

    Some people can make a lot of money on Roulette, and all the others lose a
    LOT of money. What’s I’ve seen is people making 5 big bets, and 10-15
    smaller bets, that if they hit, they cover the money of the big bets and
    give a few dollars to spare, these same people are also the ones betting
    $50-$100 every spin. Repeaters come all the time, which in a casino you
    should never take the money off the number that just hit. some people will
    even increase the bet.

  • luickdav 3 years ago

    It’s funny to hear how people claim virtual games are rigged. Are you
    serious? Even if it’s “fair” it’s obviously in the house favor. The game
    doesn’t need to be rigged to take your money – it’s already designed that
    way. Also, there’s a reason the casinos are so nice.. it’s because these
    games make you think you have a chance. If you rig the games more in the
    house favor, nobody would play. Some players are winners, some are losers,
    but the House always wins!

  • Brentconanbab 3 years ago

    Be red And black?Retad dumb!jaja lose

  • MrRetro607080 3 years ago

    If you win 8 times in a row, your profit is locked in even if you loose the
    next spin.Just restart the whole strategy. Write down your balance.If you
    loose before 8 spins add up the number (lock in) and increase all the bet
    by 1 unit. Keep an eye on your balance and as soon as your are in profit on
    a loss, write down your new high balance. I tried that a few times and I
    have seen good result. Keep an eye on my next video which will be posted
    soon called the” money raker” playing the dozens. I made $15 today at
    10cents a bet(real money).

  • ITILII 3 years ago

    Great way to waste 9:26 of your life :-/

  • mralapenosarespicy 3 years ago

    Bodog roulette was not random, you could time when that ball would come
    onto the wheel, I would give anything to go back in time and keep playing.
    You could greatly increase your chances.

  • mralapenosarespicy 3 years ago

    I won 12K on bodog roulette but they are no longer around. You could time
    the ball for when it would jump off the wheel and it would give you an
    educated guess on where the ball might land. I wish this website was still

  • Pkuall4life 3 years ago

    well i wouldnt say that you would need to go to Vegas. i Gamble in NY and
    theres a Euro Roulette wheel in the High Rollers Area. but thats just me,
    in Yonkers, NY.

  • mike zeta 3 years ago

    crap dude, i have got like 5 number repeated

  • Nguyen Quang Vinh 3 years ago

    and the number I got is : 35 and 36 and 35 and 34 and 35 and 36 …. danm !
    I lost all money =)))

  • Raghav Sharma 3 years ago

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  • Mahesh Kittali 3 years ago

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  • ist rollik 3 years ago

    Was für ein dämliches system,kann nur ein dämlicherdrauf kommen