Details knows you will enjoy this video. Enjoy part one of this two part tutorial in basic blackjack strategy. Featured in part one… Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • StyngRay1 3 years ago

    is this for real? does it work? 

  • Old Mate Tickle Toe 3 years ago

    average joe blackjack…. DOGEBALL

  • amryamaha 3 years ago

    thank you for the valuable lessons without trying to sell us a book. I
    appreciate that

  • stevesetsfire 3 years ago


  • Josef Mendez 3 years ago

    of course. it works for me. I won two thousand dollars by dealer beater

  • Jack Clark 3 years ago

    ive heard about this under another video. those who dont believe,have to
    say.try it man!dealer beater guide is a really work ing strategy

  • Alvarado Alekram 3 years ago

    Elija!I hear it more and more places. it could work.i think I will try it.i
    will write if it works ;)

  • Raw Elija 3 years ago

    guys!have you heard the dealer beater guide?you’ll not believe what i
    found! it’s amazing!

  • 2011arish 3 years ago

    i was falling asleep listening to this!

  • price bennett 3 years ago

    Yo momma…you suck

  • Fira777 3 years ago

    Me myself I sometimes would hit a hard 17 against a 10, face or ace.

  • Brad MacKay 3 years ago


  • rooneyfan6292 3 years ago

    no he doesn’t hes voice is to deep

  • kgtrains 3 years ago

    you should be on radio! your voice is killer!

  • jakedodsonjake 3 years ago

    roulette tables around california are now becoming electronic, sure those
    odds are getting played with a bit here.

  • bob bollux 3 years ago

    Thanks for very logical and informative video Now I will attempt to use
    this strategy to beat the cheating bastard dealer in Red Dead Redemption

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum 3 years ago

    Does any of this change with the number of decks in the shoe?

  • Balu Vijayaraghavan 3 years ago

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  • bob bollux 3 years ago

    half hour later and success! :D started with 300 chips at Chuparosa and
    cashed out with 460 chips, up 50% I didn’t even get many double type wins
    either, think won one lost one, rest just stick and twist at right time and
    got lucky Didn’t work straight away though, one game I started and dealer
    got Blackjack back to back, so thought F OFF and reloaded :P

  • Isabelle Noretski 3 years ago

    Roulette has better odds check out insider tips

  • mike forrester 3 years ago

    Nice FullTilt poker cards

  • Jonathan Gaylord 3 years ago

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  • huff384 3 years ago

    Nice vid kid time to go bid

  • MrGiaphage 3 years ago

    Dude, you have an epic voice

  • jptothetree 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting, very informative!