Watch me employ my strategy to turn 0 into over 00. Practice for free at This is a modified version of the Best Craps System – turn 0 into 00+ To play this yourself for free, go to Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • Jeff F 3 years ago

    Every single craps “strategy” video on YouTube is bullshit, this one is
    extra bad. Anyone playing 4,5,9 or 10 is clueless, those are terrible bets.
    The only strategy is how much money do you want at risk ? Play the pass or
    don’t pass, come or don’t come, take odds, place only 6 and 8. Avoid every
    other bet. You are now one of the top 1% of all craps players. You’re

  • 13x60 3 years ago

    Cool, i’m quitting my job tomorrow and head to the casinos. Welcome he
    beautiful life, the beautiful girls, welcome fun and travel around the
    world breaking the casinos. Any girls wanna join? I’ll be treating
    tomorrow. At the end of the day, we’ll be celebrating with champagne in my
    room toasting for Kerry’s crap strategy. Hee Haw! I’m a rich man now. I
    knew there was a god. :)

  • HoboCabbage 3 years ago

    i know an even better craps strategy. it goes like this…… dont play

  • nickelbird103 3 years ago

    Computers can not generate random numbers. Its like playing computer Golf
    or Computer War.

  • 37rainman 3 years ago

    A mathematically more accurate statement (notice vid title), would be:

    “Best CRAPS Strategy – turn $4000+ into $300″

  • CalvinistOnACouch 3 years ago

    I like this strategy, but sadly, every time I try it online I lose. My dc
    bet kept getting bad numbers (bad for dc I mean) like 6 and 8, then I’d
    lose my dc with all the place bets and come bets out there, then lose all
    of that with no compensation.
    What do you think of just playing place bets with the don’t pass? 

  • megamandude455 3 years ago

    I’m more than 3/4 of the way done with the video and I gotta say wow! I’m
    at 35:13 as I’m typing this comment, and I thought me quadrupling $5 at
    blackjack was something. This dude just quadrupled $300 playing craps.
    Shit! Go Kerry!

  • Logan Ausherman 3 years ago

    it is impossible to have a “strategy” in craps its completely random 

  • Aiden Raccoon 3 years ago

    Best strategy in craps is press everything at least once before taking a
    same bet. Don’t be afraid to keep pressing more than one unit too. Bet
    some real money and if you lose you lose, but give yourself a chance to win
    a substantial amount. 

  • Ray Charles 3 years ago

    Ok folks, here’s what’s made me money the past 3 days in a row. And, I’m
    not talking about thousands or even hundreds of dollars.
    Since I first discovered this video, I’ve been preaching about modest

    I played 5, 6, 8 and Field. I buy the 5 and place the 6, and 8.
    And, it’s made me a little money.

    Two days ago, it netted me almost a hundred bucks.
    Yesterday, it netted me gains of over 200.
    Today it got me almost 100 again.

    It was a matter of waiting it out.
    In less than 4 hours, each day, it seemed almost worth it.

  • Jerry clearsen 3 years ago

    Always wanted to play it more than just one round. Tried it in Vegas about
    10 years ago put about I guess 26 dollars on the table it was swept away
    never knew what happened same table 15 minutes later had a whole bunch of
    people around it scream in and I just look like so much fun think I’ll buy
    that book craps for dummies. Learn quite a bit looking at this video thanks
    it’s great that people like you share thank you again.

  • MartinBlanford 3 years ago

    Oh, the strategy is to make a combination of different losing bets huh?
    Wake up dude, in the long run you lose. All bets on the layout are losers,
    mixing them up changes nothing. Bet PASS or DON’T with max odds, that gives
    the player best odds, which is the best you can do. Anything else loses
    more in the long run.

  • Ray Charles 3 years ago

    OK, I’ve charted the numbers from Kerry’s roll. It’s not perfect, but what
    I’ve come up with is this:

    176 numbers rolled in this session.
    23 sevens rolled. I seven for every 7.6 rolls.
    21 eights. 1 eight for every 8.3 rolls
    23 sixes rolled. 1 six for 7.6 rolls
    26 nines
    18 fives
    18 fours
    21 tens

    Again, it’s not exact. But very close

  • Joe Banks 3 years ago

    I withdrew my life savings and tried this system….

    Does anyone want a $5 blowjob???

  • u2good2b4gotn 3 years ago

    Does it really take an hour to explain this? I just want to know how to

  • alpha rover 3 years ago

    IF you buy a craps game for your phone, and play , and roll a point,
    lets say you roll an 6…
    then you will probably roll a 7 out WAY WAY WAY sooner than shown in this
    This video is a very lucky rolling streak
    and the way i play i might have won $1000 or more with this lucky shooting

    So without saying anything about his system, this is a very hot table.

    The worst thing in craps is repeatedly getting 7 OUT on a table. 

  • Todd Mastrianna 3 years ago

    Good strategy. Fun playing, and decent logic.

  • nickelbird103 3 years ago

    This Kid is an Amateurs Amateur .

  • Joe Banks 3 years ago

    Remember to fill ur gas tank up before you try out this system…otherwise
    ull have to spend hours givin handjobs afterwards just to get home

  • Ray Charles 3 years ago


    I use my game that starts off with 1000. So, I don’t use Wizard of Odds.
    I’ve tried W. of ODDS, and it’s ok, but I prefer mine. I’ve charted both
    games over the past couple of weeks, while still developing my game, with
    someone. Finally “ready”, I tried mine for the first time. I don’t notice
    any “difference” between the two games. They are both random, and both do
    weird things (4 hard 8s in a row, at times, and then 3 yos in a row, etc. A
    couple weeks ago, mine rolled 8 pairs of aces in a row!)

    2 nights ago, I played Kerry’s system verbatim. I grossed 3180 above the
    1000 I started with. I try to mimic the environment of my local casino.
    (2 hours 18 min play time, with my computer program).

    Last night, I grossed 1200 above the 1000 I started with.
    (3 hours and some) .

    Today, I just finished a session and grossed 3004 above the 1000 I started
    (1 hour 50 min).

    This is after about a couple months of losing badly (on computer play).

    In conclusion, very Booooring. And, you can expect anything at a craps
    table, but you really have to play a TON of sessions, BOTH real and play
    to see it for yourself.

    I’m tempted to publish this game we’ve come up with, so far. BUT, I’m
    worried there may be some suspected redundancy in results (but, NOT in the
    aces scenario described above). There are no graphics. It’s a very “boring”
    numerical game, that’s taken about 5 months to get to this stage. The big
    plan is to tie it in together with a Sic Bo game..

  • Rich Pope 3 years ago

    The only way to play craps is one passline bet with odds followed by two
    come bet with odds. It’s how you manage your money that defines what you
    walk away with. Tonight two friends and I played a nickle table using the
    same system. All three of us started with $500. I walked away with $1,400
    in under an hour and they walked away with under $60. Why? My odds bets
    were 10x while theirs were 2x. Also, they stopped at three bets while I
    continued until the shooter threw a seven. The Chinese guy next to me
    walked away with over $3,000 because he had been playing for a little
    longer than we had been. 

  • WatchDragon 3 years ago

    I gave this a try, and sadly it went like this:
    place pass, get on, place $75 don’t come, 7 out, repeat until broke, lol

    What do you recommend to do when your don’t gets stuck on 6 & 8? that is
    like standing out in the middle of a field with a sniper shooting at you.

  • Julie Vosika 3 years ago

    do you win when you play for real? are you up?

  • Alan Toy 3 years ago

    Do you place odds against the DC?

  • insanemetfan8 3 years ago

    good luck Ray placing a No 4/10 instead of a dont come. Tried that already
    and its a horrible bet and it doesnt work for me..but maybe for you it
    works. After the long haul youll give it up as well as you lose.

  • CrownMe13 3 years ago

    I like this strategy, but statistically speaking it’s better to put odds on
    Dont pass, not only is it more likely for a 7 to hit, but for most of the
    points you can hedge it on a hardway bet

  • illnemesis001 3 years ago

    Aren’t you losing a lot by hedging on the hardways? Isn’t that taking a big
    percentage out of your bank roll over the long run?

  • Mike Bowman 3 years ago

    So your strategy is great but…Using this method is losing a bunch of
    money but also making. I’ve been placing the Don’t Pass odds if my number
    are 4,5,9,10 with my Come Out number and Don’t Pass bet. If it’s 6 and 8 I
    use Pass Odds. I’m not putting money on Play Bets, you crap out too much
    and lose all that money to quick. I’m playing a Come Bet and placing odds
    on that per number. Still trying to find a way to protect my Don’t Pass bet

  • Harry Canfield 3 years ago

    Hey Kerry! Great videos! 3 Questions. 1: So what do you think of laying max
    odds on the DON”T pass when you have established a 4 or a 10 as the point
    as opposed to the odds on the pass? 2: Say you have run into a hot shooter
    do you still hold off on re establishing a DC and just ride out the roll as
    you did in your first video? and 3: I have had success with laying MAX odds
    on a DC of 4 or 10 with a hardway hedge then setting controlled all sevens
    dice set and just trying to seven out. What do you think? Thanks! Ran your
    system twice off two $100 buyins and profited $300 so far. First time on a
    electronic machine in Vegas at The Cosmo which I do NOT suggest as it moves
    way to fast and is very hard to move and remove bets in time. Second was at
    a Double odds table at Southpoint and was much easier!! Remember to take
    care of your dealers cause with this system you keep them REAL busy! Again
    great videos and look forward to more! Good Luck!

  • Xero360Xbox 3 years ago

    What program are you using to show these examples? Would like to practice
    this system.

  • irish patriot 3 years ago

    I have no idea how to play craps, but this method intrigues me. Where would
    be the best place to learn?

  • Ron Hole 3 years ago

    Thanks for the videos. For newbies like me that like the action, this seems
    to add a little control to what is often the inevitable – empty pockets.

    One thing that scares me is opening with the same number twice, say 8,8. It
    leaves the DC $75 on the board exposed to as my luck would have it, a third

    Is there a hedge for this that I am missing? Typically as the puck would be
    off, I would just through down a minimum pass line bet.

    Thanks again

  • Calvin Schmidt 3 years ago

    question: would it not be safer to use a smaller dc and then put odds on
    it? at least on this program(and others) that only let you put $60 on the
    don’t pass odds you stand to lose something if a 7 rolls on the second
    roll. if you used a $50 DC, established the DC point and then put odds on
    it wouldn’t that be a better approach?

  • WatchDragon 3 years ago

    I am starting to call this the “Hedge Fund Manager” method

  • rockinchili 3 years ago

    Excellent vid(s). Never really considered using dark-side until watching
    this. As is the case with EVERY strat, you can absolutely bust with this
    system, but it has some great things going for it: action every roll, and a
    major hedge against the 7 without going contra to the shooter. I’ve been
    varying the ratio between the DC and total place bets, and sometimes coming
    up on the inside for a couple rolls before travelling the DC, and have had
    some major fun with it. Lots of ways to play this, and it’s a great option
    when the table is cooling off.

  • KNEIP 3 years ago


  • Theo Aivazian 3 years ago

    it is very work intensive and you have to train some dealers!

  • Donald Neel 3 years ago

    Thx 4 all your effort…Why didn’t you place come bets on the last 2 rolls
    of your demo?

  • Carlos figueira 3 years ago

    I’m new to craps, but I got your new and improved system down pat. At
    least on…lol. Which, by way, has a new and improved
    craps game. Its got an option to ” leave bets working”. If the player
    selects “keep bets working,” then all bets will be on for come out rolls.
    Otherwise, buy, hard ways, and odds on come bets will be turned off. My
    question is: On or Off is better. Personally I think On is better. My rule
    of thumb is that if a seven would make the bet win on a come out roll then
    the bet is left on. If a seven would make the bet lose, it is turned off.
    The exception being the Hard Ways bets, which lose on a seven.

  • steve touma 3 years ago

    kerry, why go through the come box on every roll. Why not just keep the
    buys up and press accordingly? Why bother with a $10 hedge?

  • gameface4life 3 years ago

    What do you do if you cant lay a bet between the pass and dont pass??

  • WatchDragon 3 years ago

    can you do a $5 table?

  • harry smithson 3 years ago

    I like the revision, because the “7″ comes up way too often after the D.C.
    bet. . . But I would suggest two minor changes – 1) When the point is 6 or
    8, I would substitute a straight bet on “7″ to protect your D.C. bet `cause
    the 6 & 8 will beat you too many times, and 2) Once your D.C. # is
    established, I would consider laying odds on it, after some other “come”
    #`s are established, to prevent actually losing money when the 7 does come

  • jesse herrera 3 years ago

    in your other video you said there was a beginner video but I didn’t see
    any other videos with your user ID. Has it been removed??

  • Jerry Martinez 3 years ago

    Do you ever lose your money? kerrywsmyth is so what is the losing
    percentage. Also why don’t you use the craps machine at most casinos?

  • Stuart Badler 3 years ago

    15 dollar table at 5X odds .. help me place the proper bets ??

  • D Baker 3 years ago

    Thanks for the videos kerrywsmyth. One question though. When you
    establish your point and your Don’t Come, and after that you establish a
    few Come bets, and you finally hit a 7, Do all casinos suppose to give you
    your come bets back or do you lose your come bets at some casinos? I’m
    asking this question because I played in Atlantic City and they was taking
    my Come bets after I established them when I hit a 7. I love your system
    but if my Come Bets are taken when you roll a 7, then that’s not so good…

  • byron mack 3 years ago

    nice system Kerry! tried it out works good like craps its up and down ! it
    take a lot of work but work pays off! get crazy looks from the pit and
    boss! practice with chips and layout and computer at home to be faster.

  • Steven Olszewski 3 years ago

    this system dont work. im bleeding money following this shit

  • Erik Miller 3 years ago

    So when do you leave a bad table? How deep do you let yourself get? I’m
    headed to Vegas at the end of June. I’ve been practicing your method on a
    few different apps and it works great on some, and then just seems like a
    train wreck on others.