Create Cake Magic! Learn to make the cakes you’ve always dreamed of with online courses from CakeMade. Watch more How to Gamble at Casi… Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for playing blackjack, online or at your favorite brick and mortar casino. Learn whe… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • FILIP STAFFANSSON 3 years ago

    Hi guys,I know how to play poker. all you need is 5 cards each! if you want
    a royal flush then pull out the cards a,k,q,j and 10.

  • brettonlee 3 years ago

    jrack prot

  • Brian Badonde 3 years ago

    Awesome vid please reply:do a how to ration your cup of tea

  • Trevor Schweikarth 3 years ago


  • Brian Jackson 3 years ago

    That jazz music in the background totally sets the mood for a Blackjack

  • MOHIT KNIGHT 3 years ago

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    needed to help start you play, i turned 35 into 220 the last week this page
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    of life.

  • Meelad3000 3 years ago

    Fuck it not saying third

  • Al Pacino 3 years ago

    By writing this it technically means you did…

  • Sad Alsad 3 years ago
  • Francisco Silva 3 years ago
  • Claremonts Casino 3 years ago

    Great tips! This video would be extremely useful for Blackjack beginners!

    As we are launching our online casino next week, we too have created a
    fantastic tutorial series for a whole range of casino games, including
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  • Jan Balslev 3 years ago Blackjack Rules

  • Gabriella Spacey 3 years ago

    man!its true.this is a new think,but i tried yesterday and I doubled my
    money :DD

  • Gabriella Spacey 3 years ago

    trust me. really works!

  • John Miller 3 years ago

    someone has tried to use “dealer beater guide”. i found today. this is a
    new thing? I have not heard about it yet.

  • John Miller 3 years ago

    you lie! :DD

  • MrGtafan44 3 years ago

    Get aids fag

  • Cave Man 3 years ago

    How ur gonna count those cards which being read by Computer prior being
    dealt to a player?

  • brown1473 3 years ago

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  • Robby Gray 3 years ago

    @23luckyno The amount of your bet, i.e if you put £50 on the table and beat
    the dealer, you receive a total of £100 (including your origional bet)
    Unless you win Blackjack (a hand of ace and a card of value of 10) then you
    are paid at odds of 3:2, so if you laid 50 down you would receive a total
    of £150 (including your origional bet)

  • LivingRockPartiarch 3 years ago

    @RobbyGRAYY Odds 3:2 on 50 is 75 Brah… 50(3/2) = 1.5*50 = 75

  • Cave Man 3 years ago

    I’ve been playedd these virtual games long times,bur know it’s all

  • SlonkerFiddlers 3 years ago

    not if you can count

  • Cave Man 3 years ago

    it’s all scam………

  • Ria Gonzales 3 years ago

    You must also learn the strategy on how to beat the dealer, if you think
    that is impossible, you are wrong. Blackjack Secret Code will teach you how
    to do it, you must see their video.

  • SlonkerFiddlers 3 years ago

    I thought you meant blackjack in general was a scam… the online ones yeh

  • Aaron Richards 3 years ago

    thanks for the vid. now I’ll return to fallout new vegas :D